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Brand: OTHERS Model: Best Quality A3-330C
Description Best Quality A3-330C Laminator MachineBest Quality A3-330C laminating machine has 600MM speed ISINGIASS heating system, Max. laminating width 320MM, operating temperature 0-180C, driving motor - AC geared motor, dimensions(W.L.H) 550.290.160(MM), weight 8.5KGS. The Best Qualit..
Ex Tax:৳5,450.00
Brand: Deli Model: 14318
Specification Basic Information Speed300-500mm / min Max laminating thickness0.6mm Voltage/frequency..
Ex Tax:৳6,450.00
Blue Sky BS A3-330C Laminating Machine
Brand: OTHERS Model: Blue Sky BS A3-330C
Description Blue Sky BS A3-330C Laminating Speed - 480mm/min, Max Laminating Width - 320mm, Operating Temp. - 0-180.c, Heating System - Quartz, Driving Motor - Syn motor, Power - 220-240v 620W. The Blue Sky BS A3-330C Laminating Machine has no warranty...
Ex Tax:৳0.00
Brand: Deli Model: E3893-EU A4
Specification Basic Information Speed300mm/min Preheat time..
Ex Tax:৳0.00
Brand: Deli Model: Deli E3895-EU A3
Specification Basic Information Speed600mm/min Preheat time5min Max laminating widthA3 ..
Ex Tax:৳0.00
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