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DeepCool CPU Cooler Price in ctg

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Deepcool CPU Cooler at the best Quality

Deepcool CPU Coolers: Keeping Your PC Cool in Bangladesh

Deepcool is a leading manufacturer of CPU coolers, offering both air and liquid cooling solutions for desktops in Bangladesh. Their coolers are known for their wide compatibility, near-silent operation, and efficient cooling performance.

Deepcool Cooler Options:

  • Air Coolers: Deepcool offers a variety of air cooler series, including the AK400, GAMMAXX 400, and Ice Edge. These coolers are compatible with most recent Intel and AMD processor sockets, ensuring a good fit for your system.
  • Liquid Coolers (AIO): Deepcool's AIO coolers, like the Castle 300 RGB and GAMMAXX L300 series, provide excellent cooling with minimal noise. Their anti-leak technology safeguards your PC from potential coolant damage.

Deepcool Advantages:

  • Wide Compatibility: Deepcool coolers support a wide range of Intel (LGA2066, 1700, 1151 etc.) and AMD (AM4, AM3+ etc.) sockets.
  • Near-Silent Operation: Deepcool coolers prioritize quiet operation. Even under heavy loads, noise levels stay low (around 35 dBA for air coolers and 40 dBA for AIO coolers).
  • Efficient Cooling: Both air and liquid coolers offer excellent heat dissipation, keeping your CPU at optimal temperatures.

Unique Features:

  • Air coolers feature frame-fixed lighting pads that double as fan guards and heat-resistant wiring.
  • Liquid coolers utilize Deepcool's anti-leak technology to prevent coolant leaks and damage.

Choosing a Deepcool Cooler:

Consider your needs when selecting a cooler. For basic use, a smaller air cooler might suffice. Gamers and those doing intensive work may benefit from a larger air cooler or a liquid cooler.

Where to Buy Deepcool Coolers in Bangladesh:

Deepcool coolers are readily available in Bangladesh. You can find them at retailers like GreenTech.